What Does it Cost to File Albuquerque Bankruptcy?

It is affordable to file Albuquerque bankruptcy

albuquerque bankruptcy cost

The costs to file bankruptcy are reasonable and affordable.

Most people who are considering filing Albuquerque bankruptcy wonder if they can afford it. This is a valid question. Fortunately, bankruptcy fees are manageable. In the long run, the money you pay to file bankruptcy will be well worth it.

There are 2 main fees to bankruptcy: court fees and attorney fees. The court fees are the same in every state. For Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the fee is $306, while for Chapter 13 it is $281. For Chapter 11, it is over $1,000. This money goes to those involved in the courts and to your trustee.

The attorney fees can vary a lot based on where you are and how much competition there is among attorneys. The national average for Chapter 7 attorney fees is $1,250, while for Chapter 13 the average is around $3,000. Chapter 13 involves more work over a longer period of time than does Chapter 7. This is why it costs more.

As you try and find an affordable attorney, remember that cheap attorneys may provide poor service. But also make sure that you don’t spend too much, either. Compare prices and make sure that the fees are reasonable and fair.

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