6 important characteristics to consider in an Albuquerque bankruptcy attorney

albuquerque bankruptcy attorney qualities

There are 6 main qualities to look for in a great bankruptcy attorney

Since the recession began several years ago, many attorneys began practicing bankruptcy to meet market demand. However, now there are so many Albuquerque bankruptcy attorneys to choose from that it can make it hard for you to choose.

Here are 6 factors that you should consider as you pick an attorney:

  1. Experience: Attorneys with little experience are more likely to make mistakes with your case, meaning you can lose assets or get your case rejected.
  2. Prices: Attorneys that charge too low likely offer poor service, while those that offer high rates are likely charging too much for what they are offering. Try and find an attorney with mid-range prices.
  3. Personality: Your Albuquerque bankruptcy attorney is your best friend as you file bankruptcy. He or she guides you and helps you through each step. Make sure that you get along with your attorney and feel comfortable with his or her personality.
  4. Law Firm Size: Large firms have higher costs, while small firms can give more personalized attention.
  5. Free Consultation: You should never pay an attorney for an initial consultation. Any good attorney is willing to take time to help you with advice
  6. Locally Based: National firms are more difficult to work with. It is better to have an attorney that is within driving distance for convenience sake.

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