How Can Albuquerque Bankruptcy Help Me With My Financial Situation?

The 6 main benefits of filing Albuquerque bankruptcy

albuquerque bankruptcy benefits

Albuquerque bankruptcy can help you eliminate debt and get a fresh start.

If you are like many New Mexico residents, you have considered filing bankruptcy as a way to help you with your financial situation. With various bills, creditors, and concerns flooding your thoughts, we hope to help you see how bankruptcy is a life raft for those drowning in financial problems.

There are 6 main ways that filing Albuquerque bankruptcy can assist you:

  1. Keep your assets: New Mexico bankruptcy law often allows you to keep your home, and other exempt assets. Just because you file bankruptcy doesn’t mean you will lose everything.
  2. Creditors stop harassing you: New Mexico laws require that creditors stop harassing and contacting you once your bankruptcy case is filed. You don’t have to feel like everyone is chasing you down for collections.
  3. Your debt is cleared away: Most or all of your New Mexico debts are eliminated. While some types of debt like student loans cannot be liquidated, you can be completely debt free from most debts.
  4. Anonymous to file: No one will know about your bankruptcy filing. You won’t have to feel embarrassed about your social relationships being affected. While bankruptcy does show on your credit report, no one else will know you ever filed.
  5. Inexpensive: Usually bankruptcy costs between $1,000-3,000 depending on the type of bankruptcy that you file. Chapter 7 Albuquerque bankruptcy is less expensive than Chapter 13. These fees can be paid over a period of time, so don’t stress about not being able to afford legal help.
  6. Peace of mind: Debt is surely a stressful, ongoing cause for concern. Bankruptcy eliminates this burden and gives you peace of mind.

Our Albuquerque bankruptcy attorney can help you get the fresh start that you need. He can answer all of your financial and legal questions about New Mexico bankruptcy, give you advice, and propose solutions to your financial situation.

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